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When creating an About page, think about your audience and anticipate the questions they have about your organization as well as what you want them to know about you.


Drutopia is a platform cooperative, technology owned and supported by its users. Currently we are focusing on two Drupal distributions for grassroots organizations- the one you are using right now, Drutopia Base,  and Solidarity -  a distribution for member-based organizations.

Drutopia Base

This distribution comes with features such as an accessible and responsive theme, popular content types and onsite fundraising . You can see a full list of features on the Modules administrative page.

We're also constantly improving Drutopia Base. You can see what features and improvements we're working on at our Roadmap page.

For questions on using the distribution, you can

Become a Member

Drutopia is democratic! Support the project and shape its future by becoming a member. Visit for more information.